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04 March 2011 @ 10:41 am
008. Sensitive  
Title: Sensitive
Fandom: Axis Power Hetalia
Characters: England & Seychelles
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Rating: T
Warning: Nothing. :)
Summary: In which England is trying to find the first gift Seychelles gave him.
Author's Note: Please enjoy this short ficlet of mine. ;)

She sneezed as soon as she got into his room, with a “Bless you!” reply coming from underneath the study table, in which she bent down carefully to inspect what her blonde friend had been doing all the while that afternoon. “Are you spring cleaning?” she inquired, blinking innocently several seconds before she let out another muffled sneezed – he’d stuffed a hanky towards her direction when all signs on her face indicated that she was about to sneeze.

“Kinda,” England mumbled under his breath, partly guilty to have his somehow favourite friend see him in a mess in his disorganized room. He would rather die than admit to the girl with black pigtails that he was actually trying to find the first gift she gave him on his birthday.

“Then, can I help?” Seychelles bent down so that her eyes met his, and apologized once again when she realized that she’d sneezed on her friend’s face. England shook his head, trying not to show the gross feeling he felt when some of the ebony-haired girl’s saliva hit his face.

“Look-” he stood up and pulled the girl up too, “I- I know that your nose is extra sensitive to dust. Go to the living room and wait for me to wash my face.” He tried to sound as friendly as he could – and he believed that this was the best he could do – before rushing to the bathroom to give his face a thorough cleansing.

Before Seychelles reluctantly left her friend’s room, her gaze fell onto an awfully familiar white piano-shaped item. She carefully made her way over to the box and picked it up. She smiled gleefully as she remembered how nervous she was when she presented her very first gift to the blonde gentleman. Wiping away the layer of dust on top of the piano-shaped music box with a cloth England left on the floor and sneezing one last time, Seychelles opened the box and watched two ballerinas – a male and a female – dance across the little stage.

“I can’t believe that you’re still keeping this music box after so many years,” she murmured loud enough for the rather flabbergasted England who had approached her from behind to hear.
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