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03 March 2011 @ 12:30 pm
007. Desserts  
Title: Desserts
Fandom: Axis Power Hetalia
Characters: Japan & Taiwan
Genre: Fluff/Romance
Rating: T
Warning: Nothing. :)
Summary: A heart-warming dessert on a gloomy day of Japan's.
Author's Note: First attempt in writing my number one Hetalia OTP. :D This ficlet is also exactly 400 words long, whee~ :3

“Ah, open wide,” Taiwan tried to close the gap between the spoon of strawberry-flavoured ice-cream she held with her delicate fingers and her Asian friend with black, bowl-cut hair sitting right opposite at the table. She extended her hand with a gentle smile on her face as he backed away slowly, eyes focusing on the scoop of ice-cream that was already beginning to melt, praying that it wouldn’t drip onto his attire.

“Come on, it’s sweet, and tasty,” she urged and coaxed her friend, still holding up the spoon to Japan’s mouth, until he’d opened it to take in the scoop of pink-coloured ice-cream, that supposing held a magical power to bring a smile to the face and forget about all worries. However, he just held her hand with his firmly and placed the spoon back into the bowl of strawberry plus chocolate chip mint banana boat that the two friends were supposed to be sharing. “I’ll pass this time. I’m not really into sweet things,” the Japanese lad admitted, lowering his head, unwilling to meet the chocolate-brown eyes of his Taiwanese friend.

She sulked, making her pretty face look dim and it certainly made Japan feel guilty. She shoved the bowl of dessert aside and stared at the ceiling, suddenly losing enthusiasm to their so called ‘date’. For a moment, the young man panicked to see his friend so gloomy – without her smile, the world practically had no more colours or sparkles. He reached out one of his hands to hold her hand again, and she jolted, returning back to reality.

Taiwan saw him holding the spoon with a big scoop of strawberry ice-cream mixed with a little green colour of the mint ice-cream and the next thing she knew was that her mouth opened involuntarily to let the sweet taste of the mixed-flavoured ice-cream flood her taste buds – so sweet yet so warm and loving at the same time. Then, Japan scooped another scoop of ice-cream and ate it; he blinked, not expecting himself to freeze at the spot as the chilly ice-creamed melted in his mouth bit by bit, and the tension in the air seemed to fade away bit by bit as well.

“It’s delicious, right? I told you,” Taiwan beamed, her smile brighter than usual; and Japan smiled along too, never letting his hand go of hers as he took turns spoon-feeding her and himself.
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